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Magdalena Salner
Video Artist
The artistic focus of Magdalena Salner is on moving images.
Her interest lies in the creation of the form in time. Rhythm and tempo play an important role in the image, such as the composition of the picture and the camera work itself. In her work she deals intensively with the conflict between the meaning and the power, which is attached to the images, and the actual void of the images. The artworks that arise from this background provoke the viewer to question his or her perception of the moving image. The immersive aesthetics and the manipulation of the material plays a crucial part in her artworks. Magdalena's artworks consist of experimental short films, room filling video installations, experimental 3D films and music videos.
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Manuel Baumer
The work of Manuel Baumer is characterized by constant
oscillation between musicological and compositional practice. The music of the New York School is his research focus, whose artistic problems are comprehensively explored and consistently further developed in the light of contemporary circumstances. In addition to classically notated instrumental compositions, he also works under the pseudonym MandelBaum on sampling-based works, which focus on the combination of hip-hop processing techniques and compositional techniques of European art music.
Manuel Baumer has been studying musicology at the University of Vienna since 2011.He received his compositional training in the course of private lessons with Günther Zechberger (2010-2014) and Christian Ofenbauer (2014-2018).
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