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Untitled [Statische Exposition]
experimental short
11 min

Untitled [Static Exposition] is the first official collaboration between the video artist Magdalena Salner and the composer Manuel Baumer. The basic idea of the project was to work together in a way that is neither a music video for a piece of music nor an art video with a film score composed for it. The main focus of the project was the development of an actual interaction between musical and visual composition. While this interaction remains on an intensive level of discussion between the artists in the course of the creative process, the project still represents a first step towards the concept of F.A.T..

The so-called “static exposition” stands for a basic aesthetic principle that characterizes both the video and the music throughout. In the formal scheme of the sonata main clause form in classical music, two (or more) themes are exposed in a first part (exposition), which contrast each other and are then played off against one another, combined with one another or developed in a different way. Based on this form of exposure, in Untitled [Static Exposition] formal phenomena are constantly exposed on the visual and acoustic level but these are not subject to any further development and remain static. Based on the recapitulation of a main sonata form, in which the exposition is repeated in a varied form, the visually and acoustically exposed forms/themes appear again and again in slightly varied form but always remain static and without development. The concrete form of these visual and acoustic quasi-themes and their installation in a linear temporal course does not yet show any connection or interaction. Only the basic principle remains as a connecting element between visual and acoustic composition.

Visual composition:

Magdalena Salner

Musical composition:

Manuel Baumer

Untitled [Statische Exposition] has been screened at Diametrale - Filmfestival für Experimentelles und Komisches in Innsbruck in April 2017 and was honored with the Goldener Rahmen. In June 2016 it has been screened at the exhibition Es ist die Geschichte dieser Welt in perlimpinpin in Vienna.

Goldener Rahmen


Untitled [Statische Exposition]

Untitled [Statische Exposition]

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