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Untitled [Drift]

for bass clarinet, double bass, piano and video
08:30 min

In F.A.T.'s growing repertoire Untitled [Drift] is the first project in which the exploration of time-based art takes place between a video fixed on the screen and a classically notated composition. A live ensemble performs a joint formal process at the same time as a large-scale projected video.

A trio of bass clarinet, double bass and piano spreads out an ascending network of tritone intervals, while the projection shows an endless pan through a microscopic, abstract-looking material. This common material flow is increasingly interspersed with materials moving in opposite directions on both levels. Over time increasing distortions and irritations appear in the continuously flowing moving image which alter the perseption of the direction of the main movement. On the musical level, a similar twist in direction is achieved through increasing tonal nuances and the downward expansion of the ambitus. In the tritone network heard as ascending, a descending network of sounds slowly manifests itself and blurs the clear progression of the pitches. The interaction of these two parallel processes creates a picturesque, partly impressionistic audiovisual landscape that momentarily drifts into surreal and dream-like atmospheres.

Untitled [Drift] has been premiered on the 14th of October 2023 at ORF Studio 3 in Innbruck/AT at the Festivals ZEITIMPULS 23.

Musical composition:

Manuel Baumer

Visual composition:

Magdalena Salner

Tiroler Ensemble für Neue Musik:

Jungyee Choi - piano

Christian Spitzenstätter - bass clarinet

Walter Singer - double bass

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